CB, Smoking cessation

Hello Silvana,


Thank you! Adieu tobacco!

Just wanted to let you know that I haven’t smoked for 15 days!! I am so proud... I am snacking a little more but it’s all in my head and I can fight it!

I found a Zumba class 3 mins away from my home and will be starting in a week. 

Thank you soooo muchhhh!!!!

(Update: As of Jan 2021, CB has been a non-smoker for over 1 year and 8 months!)

NF, Fear of flying

Hello Silvana,

It was lovely meeting you last week. Thank you so much for seeing me too.
On Saturday afternoon, I arrived at my destination safely.
What a wonder - my flight was delayed by one hour but, despite that, I cannot believe (I can, with your help obviously) how easily I managed it even with turbulence. I didn’t really manage to sleep or watch a movie; but, I left it to the captain and his crew to do their thing. My only annoyance  was their food which was taste free; and their seats lol - a small price to pay for the normal elevated stress levels I have.
Once again, thank you.

CT, Exam stress

During my session with Silvana, I learned a lot about how altering the subconscious through positive associations can help you through any problem you may have.

Personally, I have noticed positive changes in myself since the session. I also felt comfortable and in control during the entire session which is a tribute to Silvana’s calm and professional approach. 

I highly recommend her to anyone who is interested in benefitting from hypnotherapy.
Thank you again!



MB, Pain management

Hi Silvana,

Thank you so much for helping me find ways to deal with my knee pain before my walking holiday. I have just returned, and I can confidently say that without our session I wouldn’t have been able to enjoy it as much as I did. 

I particularly appreciated how you worked through a variety of different pain management strategies and allowed me to decide which ones I connected with best – as we know, you can’t use a one size fits all approach!

You were so reassuring throughout…

I wish I could bottle up your soothing voice so that I could listen to it whenever I want!!

Thank you again so much and I am already looking forward to our next session.

EB, Stress management &


building self-confidence

I feel so much stronger in myself and with my ability to handle stressful situations, and that's all down to Silvana's techniques and exercises. The 3 sessions I have done have massively improved my confidence at work and lowered my stress levels. I know that I can rely on Silvana to guide me to a place where I feel happier and healthier mentally.

WG, 42

Silvana not only has a wonderfully calming voice, which complimented how quickly I became relaxed and totally at ease when working with her, but her skills as a hypnotherapist are very impressive too.


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